Dazzle Picture Frames (2820 Series)

The special color staining keps the look of wood's original grains. The picture frame collection gives a sophisticated and mystical feeling.

Dazzle Picture Frame is available in four different themes: Daisy, Rose, Checkered and Owl, and these patterns paired with Swarovski elements give it a dazzling touch. This collection will surely light up any space.

2821ZDC Dazzle 3*3 106*80*25mm

2823ZDC Dazzle 4*6 155*136*25mm

2325ZDC Dazzle 5*7 180*160*25mm


2820ZDC Dazzle-L  3*3 106*106*25mm

2822ZDC Dazzle-L  4*6 190*136*25mm

2824ZDC Dazzke-L  4*7 215*160*25mm

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