No Child Labor Policy


A. Purpose

        It is important to prevent any case of child labor, therefore our company have developed a written employment policy to make sure our employees have reached legal age to work, hence eliminate the possibility of child labor. This policy has been formulated in consideration with related labor laws, and should be used as one of the reference documents when hiring.

B. Policy

1.     Labor law No. 44 points out that child labor means any youngster at the age of fifteen, and has not yet reached sixteen years old.

2.     Labor law No. 45 states, employer can not hire anyone under the age of fifteen.

C. Hiring Procedure

1)    Applicants are required to provide a copy of the identity card, a secondary document with photo, such as health insurance card, driver's license, etc., and contact telephone number to our HR department in order to make sure the applicant match company's requirement.

2)    Conduct child labor prevention training for the HR department, strengthen the relevant knowledge of the prohibition of child labor policy and apply it when hiring new applicants.

3)    The company also requires job agencies to comply with our company's policy on the prohibition of child labor.

4)    Company may hire students who meet the legal working age due to the need of intern hours, however they will not be placed to work in hazardous positions and the company will provide work trainings, keep close management and care to ensure their physical and mental health.

D. Monitoring and Audit:

1)    Periodic Check

a.    HR department must check strictly the identity documents of each person working in our company. The HR department will undertake random checks of records, and through regular conversations with employees and daily observations to ensure that no employee under the age of sixteen is working in the company.

b.    The head of each department should conduct daily observation and conversation about employees working under their department to ensure that there is no child under the age of sixteen working in the company. Once it is found that there is child labor present, the department head must make sure the child gets immediate protection and help.

2)    Remedy Measures

a)    Immediately notify the personnel department and the relevant supervisors if it is found that there is a case of child labor inside of company.

b)    The child must stop working right away

c)    Contact the child's parents or legal guardian and arrange to send the child back to their place of residence safely.

d)    Check the cause of misuse of child labor, the negligence of the company and the person in charge will be dealt with in accordance with the company's provision and relevant statement.

e)    When the child reaches the age of sixteen or legal working age, and he/she wishes to work for the company, the company will give priority consideration to hiring.