Discrimination Policy

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy

1.    Introduction

          Bestar is committed to creating a work environment which is free from discrimination and sexual harassment and where all members of staff are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. We have developed a policy on discrimination and sexual harassment, provide training on discrimination and sexual harassment and have procedures for complaints.

2.    Application of this policy

        This policy applies to all staff including full time, part-time, volunteers, vocational and work experience placements. It applies to staff in all their work-related interactions with each other, and with customers, contacts or clients.

3.    Discrimination and equal opportunity

          Bestar is an equal opportunity employer. At all stages of the employment relationship (recruitment and selection, terms and conditions of work, training and professional development opportunities, promotion and transfer, retirement, retrenchment and termination), all employees will be given reasonable work hours and salary according to labor law. Staff will also be treated on their merits and valued according to how well they perform their duties. We will not discriminate against religion, age, nationality, political opinion, sex or other personal characteristics.

          Bestar believes that all staff should be able to work in an environment free from discrimination, victimization, sexual harassment, vilification and the seeking of unnecessary information on which discrimination might be based. We consider these behaviors unacceptable and they will not be tolerated.

4.    Responsibility of staff

          All staff contribute to the creation of a discrimination free and inclusive workplace and a healthy workplace culture.

Managers have a particular obligation to model appropriate behavior; promote this policy; treat all complaints seriously and attend to them promptly; monitor the work environment and seek expert help for complex or serious matters.

All staff have the responsibility to comply with this policy. Report incidents to their managers and not to participate in discriminatory or harassing behavior.

5.    Consequences of breach of the policy

          When there is a case of discrimination or harassment issue, immediately make an oral or written complaint to employee representative or supervisors. The company will fully understand the relevant issues within five working days. Staff who make a complaint of discrimination or sexual harassment will not suffer any victimization by Bestar for making the complaint. This also applies to staff who agree to be a witness in a complaint or have a complaint made against them.

          Disciplinary action will be taken by Bestar against any staff member found to have breached this policy. Action will be appropriate to the breach and may include: an official warning and note on the person's personnel file; a formal apology; counseling; demotion, transfer, suspension; or dismissal for very serious matters.